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Proceedings against drywall construction undertakings have been completed

Investigations as well as proceedings against drywall construction undertakings that have violated antitrust laws have been completed.

Affected market: restricted invitation-to-tender procedure in the sector of drywall construction in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Upper Austria and Salzburg.

Since October 2015 the Austrian Federal Competition Authority (BWB) carried out investigations in the sector of drywall construction. These investigations were initiated by a leniency application. Dawn raids were conducted in March and April 2016 at a total of 8 locations.

Based on the information obtained, more than 400 construction projects were analyzed for antitrust behavior. The BWB acquired further information through requests for information from contracting authorities and private customers.

Dr. Thanner, Director General of BWB: "The BWB is still working on the construction sector for the next few years. This was the first construction proceeding that now has been completed. Further proceedings are pending. The investigations are still ongoing."

​The following antitrust behavior could be proved by the investigations of the BWB:

  • Exchange of information about construction projects between the competitors 
  • Price fixing between competitors
  • Customer divisions

Fines were imposed against 6 undertakings. One proceeding has been closed due to bankruptcy of a company. 2 undertakings applied for the leniency program.

  • Total duration of the procedure: approx. 2 years
  • Total fines imposed: EUR 686,000


Graphic - The Bid rigging cartel in the dry construction sector in Austria


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