BWB: 20.8 million EUR fine against REWE


Guidelines for the supermarket chain still in process

On May 13th 2013 the Austrian Cartel Court imposes, upon the request of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority, a 20.8 million EUR fine on the retailer REWE. Between 2007 and 2012 the grocer had agreements with suppliers on the final selling prices and other items. The decision has not yet become final. weiterlesen

Sixth Competition Talk

Anastasios Xeniadis, Heinrich Kühnert

"Vertical price-fixing"

On June 18th the sixth Competition Talk of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority on Vertical price-fixing took place. Panelists: Anastasios Xeniadis (BWB) and Heinrich Kühnert (bpv Hügel RA). weiterlesen

EU Consultation on merger control

Comments are possible till September 12th

The European Commission invites the public to comment on a number of options for possible future improvements of the EU Merger Regulation in two areas: minority shareholdings and the transfer of cases between the Commission and national competition authorities. weiterlesen

BWB launches public consultation on rules of conduct

Topic: vertical and trilateral price fixing

In the course of recent enforcement activities the FCA has observed wide spread practices in vertical and trilateral price fixing by food retailers and their suppliers. For the purpose of competition advocacy and prevention of future infringements the FCA has prepared a short paper clarifying the FCA's legal assessment of the practices involved. weiterlesen