​Office hours

Mon-Thu: 8h - 14h
Fri: 8h- 12h
You can hand in written submissions to the BWB office during office hours.

Customer service

Mon- Thu: 9h- 16h
Fri: 9h- 14h
During these times you can call us. Of course appointments outside of these times are also possible, if arranged beforehand.

Means of fax and e-mail

Submissions to the BWB via

1. email up to a size of 10 MB solely to the general address wettbewerb@bwb.gv.at

  1. 2. Such via telefax solely to +43 (0)1 587 42 00

will be introduced legally effective.

Submissions that are submitted outside of office hours and transmitted to receiving devices of the BWB, this also applies if they are already in the area of disposition of the BWB, will be brought in and reached as soon as office hours reopen. The sender bears the risks associated with the transmission (i.e. transmission error, loss of document, etc.).

"Competition-law easily explained" - BWB-Guideline "Viewpoint of vertical price maintenance"

Final Version

Federal Competition Authority has completed the work on the guideline "Point of view of vertical Price agreements. The final version is now ready to download in german text. weiterlesen

Fines against various companies of consumer electronics due to infringing vertical price maintenance

Vertical price-fixing (online-sales)

The BWB imposes fines at the end of February 2014 against various companies, due to infringing vertical price maintenance in combination with coordinated behavior, which partly resulted in a disruption of the trade sale "online sales" of consumer electronics and household appliances. Now various decisions have been made concerning this topic. weiterlesen

Preliminary offer for the change of ORF online "Radiothek" offer

Comments are possible till September 12th

On the 22 of May, the ORF published its service concept, where the online offer on radiothek.orf.at is completed, central and better structured. Additionally, improved usability should be provided. Those affected can provide a statement to the ORF until the 3rd of July 2014. weiterlesen

EU-Commission suggests strengthening resources in the BWB

Notification to strengthen the position of national competition authorities

On 09.07.2014 the commission informed: "[…] the independence of the national competition authorities when fulfilling their tasks should be better secured and sufficient resource equipment should be ensured." Furthermore, competition authorities should be equipped with comprising effective investigation and decision authority. weiterlesen