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You can hand in written submissions to the BWB office during office hours.

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During these times you can call us. Of course appointments outside of these times are also possible, if arranged beforehand.

Telephone: +43 (0)1 24508-0

Means of fax and e-mail

Submissions to the BWB via

1. email up to a size of 10 MB solely to the general address wettbewerb@bwb.gv.at

  1. 2. Such via telefax solely to +43 (0)1 587 42 00

will be introduced legally effective.

Submissions that are submitted outside of office hours and transmitted to receiving devices of the BWB, this also applies if they are already in the area of disposition of the BWB, will be brought in and reached as soon as office hours reopen. The sender bears the risks associated with the transmission (i.e. transmission error, loss of document, etc.).

Cartel Law Moot Court 2016

The Federal Competition Authority organized the second Cartel Law Moot Court together with the firm Dorda Brugger Jordis and the European Law Student´s Association. The competition was won by the Team of the University of Innsbruck, consisting of Martin Gassler und Mirjam Egerbacher, the best speaker award was won by Artan Duraku from the team of the University of Vienna. weiterlesen

Federal Competition Authority presents annual report 2015

366 national and 337 EU-mergers were controlled by the BWB

The BWB presents the annual report for 2015. The authority focused on prevention as well as international cooperation. (german text) weiterlesen

BWB und RTR present reports on the telecom sector enquiry

Price increases caused by mergers were followed by price decreases due to entry of new mobile operators

Both reports conclude that the merger led to significant price increases in 2013 and 2014. weiterlesen

BWB published Viewpoint of Settlements

For legal certainty and transparency

The BWB has developed together with the practical a Viewpoint for Settlements and set out the conditions of such. A settlement is a decision of the Cartel Court was made on the basis of the BWB determined and not disputed by the company facts. weiterlesen